For the very first time! The course that reveals not only the keys to an unshakable positive mindset, but the path to use it to live the life you want and make all the money you want!
It’s simple. Actionable. Tangible. And FUN! Step-by-step, day-by-day, this powerful system will show you the way to unparalleled success in life and business!

Sometimes it feels so close doesn’t it? The business and personal success you’ve worked so hard for, that always seems like it’s right around the bend.

But no matter what you do, nothing seems to stick. And regardless of the cool trick you try or tactic you chase, you end up more discouraged and exhausted than before:

  • You beat yourself up playing the Comparison Game with other “successful” entrepreneurs. And in your eyes — losing.
  • You struggle to truly believe you are worth what you want to charge, in spite of how many people tell you how brilliant you are and how you have helped them.
  • You battle daily with low self-image and self-confidence, and a belief that you aren’t worthy of success.
Goldfish is being bullied

And sometimes … deep down inside, you not only
don’t feel worthy. You feel like a fraud.

Well, I have some good news for you: You’re not alone.

But even more important … if you’re finally ready to leave these struggles behind, and find a true path to your dreams, there is a way out! That finally delivers the crucial mindset secrets that create big time success, doing what you love, charging what you’re TRULY worth and feeling great about it.

Introducing: The Mindset to Millions Program.

The revolutionary training that not only reveals the secrets  to a positive mindset that can help you make millions. But the keys to taking consistent action, so the life of your dreams becomes the life you’re living!

This one-of-a-kind 10-week program powers your path to profits, by helping you discover:

How to get clear on the barriers keeping you from experiencing your ultimate business goals.  So you can move through them and achieve your dreams more rapidly than you thought possible!

Powerful, positive and practical habits you can use every day. That not only help you create a business that brings in all the money want. But builds a rich, rewarding, fulfilling life as well!

My Powerful Success Formula – including the pivotal steps I learned from one of the world’s most respected success and mindset mentors. That I used to build a life of worldwide first class travel, impact and profit. That you can use to achieve anything you want!

My own happiness techniques – to create a personal life that is rewarding and fulfilling.


Because the people of achievement you admire so much weren’t born happy and successful. They chose it!

You see, happiness and fulfillment aren’t chance occurrences, for the lucky few.  They are available to anyone who chooses to internalize and practice a series of simple but powerful mindset tools and habits. That can literally transform your experience and results in every area of your life!

And no matter how discouraged you are, no matter what you’ve tried before, the Mindset to Millions Program can help you move through the barriers and obstacles keeping you from achieving your business and financial goals. So you can start to experience your true potential. Not someday … but now!

Yes, happiness and success are a choice. And at this instant, you are seconds away from discovering how to make that choice. And experience the rewards!

And when you join me and scores of other positive-minded entrepreneurs in Mindset for Millions, you will discover powerful keys to an empowered mindset, and the success it creates, including:

It’s progress, not perfection that counts: You don’t have to be a genius! REAL success is a day-by-day, step-by-step process that anyone can achieve. This is the true path to your goals, that can deliver your dreams … without the drama.

What does it mean to you TODAY? True mindset success is not about imagining yourself in some far off future. It’s about moving on what gets you into action … NOW! Your future is forged in the present – and I’ll show you how to do it!

He / she who implements that fastest … wins! Making millions from your mind requires far more than understanding, but internalizing and applying what you discover. If you do the steps, you will walk away from this course with more than “insights” … but with real demonstrations of progress and prosperity!

Decision wins the day! Instead of waiting for theory to kick in, you’ll discover how to personally apply your discoveries on a day-to-day basis, to move towards your goals and dreams.

And the best part is: It’s simple. Easily actionable. Tangible. And FUN! You will find yourself moving forward with a sense of self-worth and confidence! You don’t have to “hope” success will somehow plop into your lap. Because you will work with it and feel it, as it happens!

“As a long-time coaching client of Pat’s, I know that her brilliance is in mindset – so signing up for this Mindset to Millions program was an easy decision! What I didn’t expect were the incredible (almost seismic!) revelations about my subconscious thinking that were latently there but that I had never articulated verbally or in written form.  Having these thoughts clearly documented in a journal, has allowed me (in the past several weeks) to move beyond my self-imposed boundaries around my capabilities, my value to clients, my pricing of projects and my obligation to be of service to those I don’t yet know! Investing in yourself – under the guidance of Pat’s expertise and talents – is a gift that will move you forward in your professional life – and may surprisingly move you forward in your personal life too!”

Heather E Reid ARCT MSc
Principal Planner & Owner, Innovative Conferences & Communications

But I’ve tried other Mindset Courses before.
What makes Mindset to Millions different?

This isn’t about magical thinking, “hoping” your way to success, or trying to get the universe to do things for you. This is a proven system you engage step-by-step, to move from feeling like you have to accept what the world throws your way, to experiencing the income, the impact and the freedom you dream of!

Because meaningful change doesn’t come from tactics, tools or tricks. It starts with your own thinking! Your mind. And the thoughts you allow to take root and take up residence there. The key is: When you know how to think, you can create just about anything you want.

And that’s exactly what I want to help you experience! Because when you sign up NOW for Mindset to Millions, you receive:

  • Our LIVE Mindset to Millions Kickstart Call:  
    From the get-go, you’ll know: Mindset to Millions is not just about “seeing possibilities” … but living them! So our LIVE Kickstart Call will get fully grounded in crucial mindset success keys. You’ll get engaged, discover the importance of accountability and the power of your word, and above all, see how much fun you can have while creating unprecedented success.
  • The Mindset to Millions Workbook:
    It’s nothing short of the step-by-step manual to the business and the life you dream of! Filled with the life-changing ideas that powered my own success, it provides you with everything you need to shift your thinking to what’s possible in your life. And guide you to actually achieve it!
  • Mindset to Millions Audio Lessons:  
    These powerful audio training’s move you through the hidden obstacles that prevent so much of your success. And provide crucial keys to take the actions that lead to build the business and the life you want!
  • 10 Action Motivator Videos:
    We’re not leaving your success to chance! So throughout the course you’ll receive 10 Action Motivator Videos, with concise summaries of the most important breakthrough concepts. So you can be laser-clear about how to move forward, taking actions that turn dreams to reality.
  • Mindset to Millions Success Central Online Portal:
    It’s the simple online headquarters for all your course materials: Live session recordings, audios, videos, the workbook and bonuses. All in one convenient place, for fast access when you need it.
  • All Live Phone and Livestream Sessions Recorded:
    I get it … you’re busy. So in case you ever have a scheduling conflict, I’ve got you covered. All our live virtual sessions are recorded. So if you can’t make it, not only can you catch the recording. You can listen (or watch!) again and again!
  • 2 Mindset to Millions Success Booster Q&A Calls:
    On the road to your business dream, you’re going to have questions, challenges, and obstacles. Success is not about avoiding them, but handling them. Which is why I’ve added these two 2 powerful LIVE Q&A calls, so you can ask any question and move through any challenge. Even if you have been struggling with them for years. Whether its dealing with fears, resistance or deciding “What’s next?” I’ll be there for you with concise answers and support that make a difference!
  • Mindset “Next Level” Livestream:
    You showed up! You did the work! Things are moving! Now … how do you keep it going? How do you take your energy, vision and success to a new high? On this live video gathering, we’ll answer all those questions. PLUS prepare for our In-Person Mindset to Millions Intensive!

You might think a home study system with this much power might be  way too complex.  But the genius of Mindset to Millions is you can start right where you are … right now!

Because my entire, life-changing system is built around four simple steps anyone can take. So instead of feeling intimidated and overwhelmed, you begin to feel (maybe for the first time) … I REALLY can do this!

Step 1: Listen to the Mindset to Millions Intro Audio

You will feel things changing with your very first step! In our “get started” audio, I walk you through an overview of the entire system, giving you tips and techniques to ensure you set yourself up for success. In about an hour you will see the road to your future opening up in front of you!

Step 2: Practice Powerful but Simple Daily Habits

In each section of the Mindset to Millions System, you’ll receive reflective, thought-provoking questions, designed to move you beyond the “concept” of the material. To a direct, deep and lasting experience of how these ideas apply to YOUR life, and how they can impact your future.

So instead of merely “understanding” the ideas, you connect with them in a way that builds a long-lasting foundation for success. And daily habits that help you take the moment-by-moment steps that lead to your dreams.

Step 3: Action Strategies and Techniques For Success

The difference between those who merely “think positive” and those who live the life they want, is action. It’s the key distinction I’ve seen over and over: “He/she who implements, wins!”  So this pivotal avenue takes the “a-ha’s!” and daily habits you’ve discovered in Steps 1 and 2 … and transforms them into the action that changes everything.

Step 4: Increase Positive Action in Your Life/Business

The final leap to progress is turning your Action Strategies from Step 3 into Success Habits. While action leads to success, sustained progress comes from one thing and one thing only —positive habits! Once you discover how to integrate powerful habits into your life and your business, you can handle whatever the universe throws at you.

These four steps will inspire your path to more happiness, optimism, energy and success in all areas of your life!

So … why am I so absolutely, “in-my-bones” certain that the Mindset to Millions System is the missing key you’ve been searching for?

I’m Pat Musseux. I’ve enjoyed a successful fulfilling life, including 15 years working for Lou Tice, President of the Pacific Institute and one of the leading authorities on showing people worldwide the path to reach their full potential.

But at age 55, when many people are thinking of slowing down (or even retiring), I left a marriage that was no longer serving me, with little more than a trash bag full of belongings.  And with everything collapsing around me, instead of seeing what was happening in a negative way, I viewed it as a whole new world opening in front of me.

From my own explorations and work with Lou, I knew I was bigger than my obstacles. I knew I was equipped with the tools to reinvent myself in a big way. And that’s exactly what I did!!

Starting over with almost nothing, in the space of a few short years I used my positive mindset tools to travel three times around the world in a private jet (visiting 10 countries), build a multi-six (and soon to be) seven-figure business, create a respected, thriving mentoring company, and build an amazing event from the ground up, that now attracts hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the world every year.

And the most amazing part is … there is so much more to come!

Because when most people would be feeling sorry for themselves, or believe they were hitting “rock bottom” I saw a chance to be on a bigger stage and get out into the world in a bigger way.

It’s why I’ve created an amazing life that gets better every single day.  And it’s what I want to help you experience as well … because there’s nothing quite like it!


So … you might still be asking yourself:
Exactly how will the Mindset to Millions Home Study System help me achieve success, when I have tried so many other ’success programs’?

While most mindset systems help you have a more positive outlook, they do nothing to help you move through the 7 major barriers to living your true potential. But Mindset to Millions makes it simple … by walking you through 10 relevant, meaningful, easy-to-implement steps to bust through these barriers. To keep you on-track to achieve your dreams.

And, to help make these 10 steps the “new normal” that accelerates your goals from dream to reality, you will receive a powerful audio, that can take you from blocked to your breakthrough!

Step 1: Identify What You Want

To have what you want, you need to be clear about it. The problem is so many entrepreneurs are vague about their goals. Right from the start, we will make sure that won’t happen to you!

Step 2: Write it Down

Your clarity gets an extra boost when you actually commit your goals and your vision to paper. You’ll discover how to develop this powerful habit, and see the amazing impact it can have on your future.

Step 3: Control Your Self-Talk To Be Positive and Uplifting

You will receive tools that fill your mind with the positive self-talk that provides the energy to take effective action. And limit the unnecessary negativity that can sap your strength.

Step 4: Stretch Your Comfort Zone

Your growing positive mindset enables you to stretch further outside  your comfort zone … where your success is waiting!  Our system will help you to stretch further, with less effort and greater results.

Step 5: Ask For What You Want

Being clear on what you want, and positive you can achieve it are not enough. It’s also important to develop your asking muscles. Because so much of what you want is actually waiting for you! And brought into your life when you learn to ask. So simple … so powerful!

Step 6: Lighten Up

Guess what? The journey doesn’t have to be a trial. In fact it can be full of fun, positive and uplifting experiences. . When you discover fun, enjoyable pathways to lighten up, you’ll find yourself happier and more energized as you grow.

Step 7: You Must Make a Commitment to Be Happy

Here’s where you will discover the impact of self-esteem and self-worth on success. And how committing to your happiness leads to more of it.

Step 8: You Must Eliminate Toxic People From Your Life

You can’t stay on the path to the life you want when you’re surrounded by toxic people. (You know the ones I’m talking about!) I’ll show you how to remove yourself from toxic environments and people, to keep them from sucking the energy you need to succeed.

Step 9: You Must Put Your Life on a “Want To” Basis

When you shift from living your life based on things you believe you “have to do” to things that you “want to do” … amazing things can happen.

Step 10: If You’re Not Happy With Who You Are and What You Do, Change It

It’s a simple but profound truth: You’re not sentenced to suffering. If what you’re doing isn’t working, you can change. Really! And in this final step I’ll tell you exactly how to make that happen.

PLUS … Our Mindset to Millions Affirmations

Every step of the way you will receive our powerful Mindset to Millions Affirmations, to feed your mind the positive outlook that fuels your breakthroughs.

Live Call / Event Schedule

  • Our LIVE Mindset to Millions Kickstart Call: Tuesday, April 25 at 4pm Eastern /1 pm Pacific
  • 2 Mindset to Millions Success Booster Q&A Calls: Tuesday, May 9 & Tuesday, June 6 at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific
  • Mindset “Next Level” Livestream: Thursday, July 10 at 4 pm Eastern / 1 pm Pacific
  • LIVE “Money, Mindset and Marketing” Event:  Dates To Be Announced

It’s Powerful. Life-Changing. Exciting. But I’m not stopping there. I’m adding powerful bonuses that can take you all the way to your most profound goals

BONUS #1: One-of-a-Kind “4 C’s” Mindset Success Audio Series

Organized and delivered like mini-TED Talks, they provide explosive insights into why you’ve been struggling. And how you can succeed faster!

  • Confidence: Your progress happens faster when you’re brimming with confidence. And this audio provides pivotal self-talk secrets to build your belief, step-by-step.
  • Clarity: Gaining clarity on your value, the impact you have on your clients and the incomparable way you support them is a power that moves mountains! This audio helps you get crystal clear on the messaging and point of view behind what you do that creates amazing outcomes in your marketing.
  • Clients: When you can identify your ideal clients, you can get to “Yes!” with lightning speed because you keep your efforts focused on the folks who need you most.
  • Cash: Bitten by the money bugaboo? Afraid of changing what your worth? Uncertain about the best products and services to deliver? Fearful about selling and making money? This key audio helps you move through your biggest money obstacles and open to receive eye-opening rewards.

Take this audio series anywhere (to the gym, to the supermarket, while you’re out on a power walk) so these four life-changing mindset pathways become second nature and guide you to success … fast

BONUS #2: A Complimentary Ticket to Pat’s LIVE ‘Money, Mindset and Marketing’ Event!

This is the perfect way to cap off your Mindset to Millions experience! And discover additional avenues to apply your new found mindset muscles to create effective marketing that can make you more money!  World-class networking, powerful resources, breakthrough discoveries. You’ll find it all, and more, at this LIVE event with Pat.

It’s all here! In a package of truly profound power. Filled with the unparalleled potential to move you towards the business and the life you truly want!

It’s waiting for you now — in Mindset to Millions!

  • Our LIVE Mindset to Millions Kickstart Call ($297 value)
  • The Mindset to Millions Workbook ($497 value)
  • Mindset to Millions Audio Lessons ($297 value)
  • 2 Mindset to Millions Success Booster Q&A Calls ($597 value)
  • 10 Action Motivator Videos ($297 value)
  • Mindset to Millions Success Central Online Portal ($197 value)
  • Millionaire Mindset “Next Level” Livestream ($497 value)
  • All Live Phone and Livestream Sessions Recorded ($297 value)
  • 4 C’s Mindset Success Audio Series ($297 value)
  • A complimentary ticket to Pat’s LIVE ‘Money, Mindset and Marketing’ event! ($297 value)

That’s almost $3500 in total value and bonuses. Yours for the incredible low investment of $497 or 3 Easy Pay of $175.

promise30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

I’m so convinced you’ll love everything about the Mindset to Millions course, I’ve decided to back it with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you decide, within 30-days of investing in program that you aren’t seeing any results, I’ll happily give you a full refund.

To be clear you do need to do the work, take action, and implement the strategies in the program, to qualify for a refund.

Simply email my team and include your completed Mindset to Millions Workbook and I’ll refund your full investment.

In addition to providing structure, knowledge and support, I’m here to provide you with the accountability you need to do the work and get the results you are looking for.

So … it’s a simple decision.

You can go on doing the same things you’ve been doing … hoping it gets better. Or you can make a choice to let the principles that have powered my own achievement (and those of countless successful entrepreneurs) power yours. So in a matter of just 10 weeks you can see a magnificent, tangible difference in your outlook AND your outcomes.

These same ideas took me from walking out of my former life (with what I could carry in a plastic trash bag) to:

  • Traveling 3 times around the world in a private jet.
  • Producing an event which is rapidly becoming a “must-attend” for entrepreneurs all around the globe.
  • Building a multiple six (and soon to be) seven-figure business.
  • Having an amazing support team behind me that allows me to do ONLY what I love.

With an entire universe of possibilities unfolding before me, that are almost beyond what I can imagine. All at an age when most people are slowing down … or even stopping!

Please hear me: It’s never too late. There is ALWAYS a road of possibility waiting to open before you. In fact, it’s here right now! If you don’t see it, it’s because you don’t have the tools to let all your amazing potential in.

But all that can change in one instant – when you join me in the Mindset to Millions Program!

One-Time Payment of $497 3 Payments of $175

Because here is what you MUST remember:  All meaningful change happens from within. Not from some new bright shiny trick or tactic.  Mindset to Millions is that catalyst that can show you how to harness the power of your mind, so you can stop being a victim of circumstance.

And start achieving the kinds of dreams you thought could never happen to you. But they WILL happen to you.

When you join me in Mindset to Millions … now!